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Knox Asset Intelligence 24.06 release notes

Last updated June 26th, 2024


Anomaly detection for app abnormal event (Labs)

The Anomaly detection panel — located on the main Dashboard — lets you know when critical issues or significant improvements are detected in your device fleet.

This release of Anomaly detection introduces the ability to detect abnormal app events per app version, and lets you know if certain app versions encounter more or fewer abnormal events when compared to other versions of the same app.

If an app version does report a significant number of abnormal events, you’ll get a report detailing the top three factors contributing to the anomaly, as well as guidance on how to resolve the issues. In addition, you can schedule a device snapshot or debug log to help analyze and troubleshoot the anomaly further.

To learn more about this feature, see Anomaly detection.

The new Groups with abnormal latency events dashboard insight lets you see which groups in your fleet have the highest number of outlier latency events, so that you can take actions to help mitigate or rectify issues on your network.

See Groups with abnormal latency events to learn more about this new insight.

Mobile signal strength on location map

The Location dashboard now contains an option to display the mobile signal strength of devices on the map, letting you know when assets are situated in areas with weak cellular coverage or potential dead zones. See Use location dashboard for more information.

Download data about battery levels at shift start/end

To help analyze the charging behavior of your fleet’s devices, you can now download a CSV report of your Battery level at shift start/end data, directly from the main dashboard tile. To learn more about this new feature, see Battery level at start and end of shift.

General availability of Knox Asset Intelligence API

Developers can now use a REST API to integrate Knox Asset Intelligence data through their own solutions, or leverage the Knox Webhook Notification API to receive alerts or events related to the device’s app, network, or battery performance. See the Knox Asset Intelligence developer documentation for more information.


Firmware AP/CP/CSC data in device details

To help troubleshoot and analyze device issues with more granularity, the device details panel now provides the AP (Android Processor), CP (Communication Processor), and CSC (Consumer Software Customization) build numbers of the installed firmware on a device. You can also view this information in the details of your device snapshots.


Sunsetting of Device drops insight

As part of our product development process, we regularly assess research and development efforts to ensure that we continually align with our customers’ needs.

Due to limited usage and technical limitations, we’ve removed the Device drops reporting feature from Knox Asset Intelligence in this release. As a result, the Device drops dashboard tile, as well as its related pages and dashboard settings are no longer available.

There will be no disruption to the rest of your Knox Asset Intelligence service as a result of this change.

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