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Knox Asset Intelligence 22.01 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Improved abnormal Wi-Fi disconnection insights

Previously, the Wi-Fi connectivity dashboard widget displayed all abnormal disconnection events broken down by event category. Enterprises that manage large numbers of devices and access points had difficulty identifying which assets required attention.

In Knox Asset Intelligence 22.01, the widget is redesigned to highlight devices and access points that repeatedly experience abnormal Wi-Fi disconnections. These new insights help IT admins quickly detect and troubleshoot problematic devices and networks.

To learn more, see Wi-Fi connectivity.

Improved descriptions for IEEE 802.11 codes

Prior to Knox Asset Intelligence 22.01, IT admins could only view the 802.11 code number when troubleshooting abnormal Wi-Fi disconnection events.

Now, each 802.11 code is displayed with a detailed description preceding the code to streamline the troubleshooting process. The code and description are now shown in the following format:

Code description ( code number )

An example of this code format displayed in-console is:

Previous authentication no longer valid (2)

Refer to IEEE 802.11 codes for a full list of codes and their descriptions.

Changes to device enrollment behavior

Previously, devices automatically launched the Knox Asset Intelligence agent before starting enrollment.

Starting with Knox Asset Intelligence 22.01, device enrollment is now performed in the background before the agent launches. This change is designed to streamline the workflow for frontline device users.

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