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Knox Mobile Enrollment 22.05 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Asset Intelligence installation support

Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) 22.05 supports the automatic installation and activation of the Knox Asset Intelligence app for devices as needed during the out-of-box experience (OOBE) workflow. In the case of company-owned devices with a work profile, the Knox Asset Intelligence agent is installed in the work profile.

To automatically install the Knox Asset Intelligence app during OOBE enrollment:

  1. Ask your reseller to upload the devices under your customer ID through the Knox Deployment Program.

  2. On the Knox Asset Intelligence console, approve the devices so their statuses change from Pending to Not enrolled.

  3. Complete the KME enrollment process and setup wizard, along with any other Knox services applicable. The automatic installation of the Knox Asset Intelligence agent starts after you finish enrolling in all other services. For more information, see the enrollment order of multiple Knox services.

  4. Wait for the device to start downloading the latest version of the app. The download and enrollment progress bars are shown as device notification items.

  5. The agent asks for consent to access the device’s location data. If your enterprise requires access to the device’s location data, grant the permission.

  6. Click Continue to finish the process and open the Knox Asset Intelligence agent.

For more information, see the Knox Asset Intelligence documentation

DualDAR compatibility check

Starting with this release, the Knox Mobile Enrollment enrollment process will halt and show an error message if a profile with DualDAR is assigned to an unsupported device. For example, an unsupported phone will show the following error message:

Your phone couldn’t be enrolled. Contact your IT admin and explain that this phone doesn’t support DualDAR and a supported profile is required for enrollment.

Updates to bulk action names

With 22.05, the in-console actions under Devices > Bulk Actions are updated. What was previously known as Bulk Configure is now Assign Profile and User Credentials. What was previously known as Bulk Assignment is now Upload User Credentials.

Support for Device Max, Pro MDM, and Wizzy EMM

When creating an Android Enterprise profile, you fill out the basic information page, which includes a setting to pick your MDM. If you want one that isn’t listed, you need to select Other and paste the APK of the MDM app. This latest release adds three new partners to the list — Device Max, Pro MDM, and Wizzy EMM.

For more information on creating profiles, see the Android Enterprise profiles.

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