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Manage resellers

Last updated August 18th, 2023

When it comes to bulk device enrollment, enterprise IT admins frequently collaborate with trusted resellers. These resellers are Samsung-approved and support out-of-box provisioning of large device fleets for enterprise customers.

Resellers use the Samsung Knox Reseller Portal to upload devices in bulk on behalf of enterprise customers, enabling customers to easily access and manage their devices, monitor profiles, invite admins and manage roles. Typically, these devices can be verified in bulk using either a device IMEI or serial number, ensuring frictionless out-of-box device upload, enrollment, and management.

Register a reseller

On the Reseller page, you can view all the registered resellers, their corresponding reseller ID, country of deployment, and the preferences set for each reseller.

To register a reseller:

  1. Contact your reseller to obtain their Reseller ID.
  2. Share your Knox Customer ID from the account icon on the Knox Admin Portal.
  3. Click Register reseller.
  4. Enter the Reseller ID, then click Look up.
  5. Confirm your reseller’s information is correct and click Register.

Set reseller preferences

Once you register a reseller, you can choose to automatically approve future device uploads. Additionally, you can automatically assign a profile to devices uploaded by the reseller.

Automatic approval

  1. On the Reseller page, click the Reseller name.
  2. Select Auto approval.
  3. Click Save.

Now, devices this reseller uploads in the future are automatically approved.


  1. On the Reseller page, click Reseller name.
  2. Select a profile from the Default profile list. The selected profile is automatically assigned to any device uploaded by your reseller.
  3. Optionally add more profiles for auto-assignment:
    1. Select a profile from the Profile list.
    2. Enter a profile alias for the selected profile. Note that you must share this alias with your reseller.
  4. Click Save.

Profile aliases aren’t shared across resellers, so each alias is unique to the reseller. You can assign up to 10 aliases per reseller, but a profile alias can be associated with only one profile. Furthermore, when created, an alias must be associated with an existing profile. Profile aliases aren’t mandatory for resellers to use.

Profile auto-assignment

Alternatively, you can set a profile for auto-assignment:

  1. Click Auto assign preferences.
  2. Select a reseller.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Set your automatic approval and profile assignment settings.
  5. Click Save.

Delete a reseller

When you try to delete a reseller, a notification informs you that devices uploaded by this reseller must be reassigned to another reseller prior to the deletion.

Once the devices are reassigned, the Delete button is enabled. When enabled, click Delete to delete the reseller.

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