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Assign device user credentials

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

The Device users page displays all the device users available for device assignments. You can add device users, edit or delete passwords, and import user IDs and passwords using a CSV file.

On the Device Users page, you can review user information, such as:

  • User Id. The unique name or identifier of the user.
  • Password. The user’s password.

You can click a user’s ID to change their password. The ID and password should both be the same as the credentials defined by your EMM.

Add a device user

To add a new device user:

  1. On the left navigation pane, click Device users.

  2. Click Add device users.

  3. Provide a User ID and Password to create a unique set of device user credentials. Note that the user ID and password should both be the same as the credentials defined by your EMM.

  4. Click Add to save these credentials.

Edit device user credentials

You can edit the credentials of an existing device user. However, note that only the password can be modified, not the user ID.

To edit the password of an existing device user:

  1. On the Device users page, click the device user to update the password for . You can only select one device user at a time.

  2. Update the Password of the selected user as required. You can optionally click Manage passwords to verify the device user’s password if there’s a password conflict during the sign-in process. The password should match the password defined for the user in the EMM.

  3. Click Save to save the updated password.

Delete a device user

To delete existing device users:

  1. On the Device users page, select one or more device user credentials to be deleted.

  2. Click Action > Delete device users.

  3. Click Delete.

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