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Device setup for device users

Last updated July 26th, 2023

When device users receive their devices from the Reseller or the IT admins, they must first prepare their device to match the Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct minimum requirements.

Before you follow the instructions given in this section, ensure that the device has sufficient battery charge, 50% at a minimum. If necessary, plug the device to the charger before you continue.

To set up devices that meet Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct system requirements, device users must do as follows:

  1. Turn on or boot the device.

  2. On the Let’s go screen, select your desired language, and then draw a large + pattern on the device screen to continue.

  3. On the Knox Deployment screen, tap QR code.

  4. The QR code reader app opens. Use your camera to scan the QR code sent to you by your IT admin. This code is included in the welcome or set up email sent to you by your IT admin.

  5. Depending upon the profile associated with your QR code, an automated process begins. This process installs the appropriate apps and applies the correct device configuration settings. Device users are prompted periodically to enter or confirm items such as screen lock type, device passcode, or other details.

  6. Follow on-screen instructions to complete set up and activate your device.

    After the automated set up process is complete, you can now manually configure any additional settings necessary.

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