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Approve device upload

Last updated September 18th, 2023

Trusted resellers who are Samsung-approved can upload devices to your Knox Mobile Enrollment account on your behalf. However, to confirm that the devices belong to your enterprise, you must first approve these uploaded devices prior to enrolling or configuring them.

To approve uploaded devices:

  1. On the console, click Devices.
  2. Click Uploads.
  3. In the Details column, click View to view all the devices that have Pending as their upload approval status.
  4. Click Approve all to approve all such devices. You can configure or enroll these devices once the approval is complete.

Additionally, you can configure reseller preferences to:

  • Automatically approve devices uploaded by a particular reseller
  • Automatically assign a default profile to devices uploaded by a particular reseller

Review device upload

Device uploads can be individually reviewed before they are approved. The Uploads tab on the Devices page displays devices uploaded to Knox Mobile Enrollment that are yet to be approved. Note that the Uploads tab doesn’t display approved devices or devices uploaded through NFC.

You can also delete uploaded devices and reupload them back to Knox Mobile Enrollment. For more information, see how you can delete a device.

You can periodically download the information about all the uploaded devices.

  1. On the Devices page, go to the Uploads tab.
  2. Click Download devices as CSV to save the device information as a CSV file. If you have more than 10,000 devices, this CSV file is emailed to you.

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