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About Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct

Last updated May 9th, 2024

Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct is the on-premises version of Knox Mobile Enrollment and simplifies the initial setup as well as the EMM enrollment of corporate devices in a closed network. Using multiple configuration profiles to configure how the devices enroll, Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct allows you to enjoy full integration with Samsung devices and services with very minimal configuration changes.

Three Galaxy phones side by side, showing screens at different stages of enrollment.


This document is intended for:

  • IT admins — Enterprise IT admins create profiles with the necessary device settings, restrictions, and apps to deploy to device fleets. Once a device configuration profile is created, an IT admin or device users can configure and set up their Samsung devices using a QR code on a device connected to the enterprise’s network. Finally, these devices are then enrolled in the enterprise’s EMM.

About Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct

To deploy large fleets to device users or employees, you can use Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct to create, configure, and generate a QR code that the device user can use to set up their devices. See Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct workflow to get an overview of how Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct works.


Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct offers the following key features:

Simple provisioning — The device user can simply unbox the device and scan a QR code to set up and configure the device.

Automated workflow — Admins can automate the workflow, from configuring network connections to device display, security, or privacy settings.


Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct offers the following benefits:

Create configuration profiles that enable the setup of thousand of devices

  • Create a special profiles for each use case or type of worker. For instance, you can create a profile for HR employees, a profile for a sales representative, and so on.
  • Configure different devices with different configuration profiles as per your needs.

  • Automate all activities in the workflow, right from network connection properties to device configuration, such as security, privacy, or display settings.
  • Install different profiles on enterprise devices using the QR code associated with a profile.


The Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct workflow helps you configure device profiles that lets device users set up their devices and finish device enrollment.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. The IT admin purchases devices either from their Samsung representative, a Samsung-approved reseller, or a mobile carrier.

  2. The IT admin uses a Windows 10 device to sign in to the Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct download page and download the PC app.

  3. The IT admin follows the on-screen prompts to enter the activation request key, generate the license activation key, review the terms and conditions, and launch the PC app.

  4. The IT Admin uses the PC app to configure devices by assigning them a device configuration profile, optionally adding a username and password information to each device. They can also automatically assign the profile to a device.

Before you use Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct to manage a device, you must first erase its unique ID from Knox Mobile Enrollment cloud, since Knox Mobile Enrollment cloud profiles have a higher priority than Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct profiles. Not doing so causes the Knox Mobile Enrollment cloud profile to override the Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct profile associated with the device.

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