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Enroll your devices

Last updated December 6th, 2023

Knox Mobile Enrollment lets device users enroll devices in an EMM either through the out-of-box experience (OOBE) flow, QR code, or the Knox Deployment App.

Out-of-box experience

To enroll devices through the OOBE flow, the device user must:

  1. Turn on the device and connect to the internet.

  2. If prompted by the Security statement and the Knox Privacy Policy, and they agree to it, tap I agree and then Next.

  3. Enter their account credentials and tap Confirm.

The device user credentials are validated and the device is successfully enrolled in the EMM.


You can also enroll devices running Android 14 or higher through the OOBE flow on Wi-Fi networks behind captive portals, regardless of whether they were previously factory-reset or locked by factory reset protection. You must remove factory reset protection on non-Knox devices running Android 14 or higher prior to enrollment.

QR code

Knox Mobile Enrollment allows you to enroll reseller-uploaded devices running Android 10 or higher using a QR code. QR codes contain the correct Wi-Fi credentials and enables device users to directly connect to a Wi-Fi network after scanning the QR code, simplifying device enrollment.

By default, QR codes are used only for devices uploaded by resellers. However, you can also use QR codes to enroll devices that aren’t uploaded by a reseller. To do so, select allow QR code enrollment for devices not uploaded by resellers when you create an Android Enterprise profile.


See Profile QR code assignment for more information on QR code enrollment on Wi-Fi networks behind captive portals.

To enroll using a QR code, the device user must:

  1. Draw a plus sign (+) gesture on the device. This action activates the device’s camera in QR code recognition mode.

  2. Tap QR code to initiate QR code enrollment.

  3. If the QR code contains Wi-Fi credentials, a Wi-Fi connection is automatically established. Otherwise, enter the Wi-Fi credentials.

  4. Tap Continue and follow the instructions.

  5. When prompted, enter their EMM account credentials.

  6. Tap Finish to complete enrollment.

Knox Deployment App

For devices that aren’t uploaded by resellers, the Knox Deployment App also lets device users enroll devices in an EMM. See Knox Deployment App for more information.

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