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Assign an advanced profile

Last updated September 18th, 2023

This page describes how to assign an advanced profile to an uploaded device.

To assign an advanced profile to one or more devices:

  1. On the Devices page of the Knox Mobile Enrollment console, select one or more devices by their IMEI.

  2. Click Actions > Configure devices > Profile to view the available profiles, including advanced profiles.

  3. In the Configure selected devices dialog:

    1. Select the profile you’d like to assign to the selected devices.

    2. Add tags to these devices. You can also overwrite existing tags.

    3. You can choose to either clear, preserve, or overwrite the existing user credentials.

  4. Click Save when you’re ready to proceed. The advanced profile is assigned to the selected devices.

  5. If you don’t wish to proceed, click Cancel > Discard. Doing so takes you back to the Devices page.

You can repeat the same steps on the Advanced profile assigned tab on the Devices page. However, this tab is accessible only when one or more devices are already assigned an advanced profile.

Now that your advanced profile is assigned to your device fleet, see Monitor advanced profiles to learn how you can monitor the devices and gauge whether to track and respond to undesired device user behavior.

Resolve conflicts with Knox Guard

If you have devices enrolled in Knox Guard, you can’t use the functionality of Knox Mobile Enrollment advanced profiles on them. To avoid locking conflicts, a device that is enrolled in Knox Guard can’t use advanced profile features. Therefore, prior to assigning an advanced profile to a device, you must first unenroll it from Knox Guard.

Restrictions related to assigning advanced profiles for Knox Guard customers span both assignment scenarios:

  • Assigning to a single device — The profile assignment fails, and a notification on the Devices page confirms the failure and informs you that you need to unenroll the device from Knox Guard.

  • Assigning to multiple devices — The profile assignment fails, and a notification on the Devices page allows you to download the reason for the failures as a CSV file.

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