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Activity log

Last updated August 18th, 2023

The activity log captures information about enrollment events triggered by admins and resellers, and lets you view different activity trends. You can filter enrollment activities by name, event, and entity categories like admins or resellers to view specific updates at different stages of the enrollment process. Furthermore, you can assess when IT admins sign in to the console.

Using the Activity log

To access the activity log, click Activity log on the Knox Mobile Enrollment console. On the console, you can filter the logs in many different ways:

  1. You can set a time window ranging from a specific point in time through to the present. Filter either by Last 7 days, Last 30 days (set as default), or Show all. Note that the time window is relative to the IT admin’s local time, not Greenwich Mean Time. The last selected value is retained when you sign in again.

  2. The Date column lets you assess when each listed activity occurred. Sort events in descending order of the date the events occurred.

  3. Use the Name column to select and filter activities by specific admins and system integrators. This filter helps you view any activity performed by individuals and exclude unwanted activities.

  4. The Category column filters listed activities by one or more selected categories. While the categories are largely device-centric, the listed descriptions vary depending on the category selected. Categories include Devices, Profiles, Resellers, Licenses, Admins, and many more.

  5. The Event column filters activities by one or more enrollment event types. Available event filters include Uploaded, Approved, Deleted, Added, Modified, Registered, to name a few. New admin role events include admin invitations, admin information edits, revoked invitations, resent invitations, and deactivated/reactivated accounts. These events provide a means to filter such activities as devices and their profiles complete various enrollment tasks and activities prior to deployment.

  6. The Description column displays event data unique to the selected category.

  7. The Details column displays log detail or download links depending on the selected category.

  8. (Optional) Download activity log as CSV to save all the activity log data in a CSV file. One CSV file includes up to 10,000 activity log entries, beyond which the file is emailed to you.

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