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Last updated September 18th, 2023

Knox Mobile Enrollment is your gateway to easily enroll large device fleets. With features that allow you to register resellers, manage your devices, and configure profiles, the Knox Mobile Enrollment console streamlines all your device and profile management operations.

Access the console

Scenario 1: First sign-in

If you’re signing in to the Knox Admin Portal for the first time, see how you can select your Knox services. When you sign up for a Samsung Knox account, you’re automatically signed up for a Knox Suite trial license. For more information, see how you can create a Samsung account.

Scenario 2: Subsequent sign-ins

If you aren’t signing in to the Knox Admin Portal for the first time:

  1. After signing in to your Samsung account, click your account icon > Settings.
  2. Click Show/Hide services to add or remove Knox cloud services from the Knox Admin Portal.
  3. Select Knox Mobile Enrollment and click Confirm.

You can now access the Knox Mobile Enrollment console from the navigation pane.

device uploads

The Knox Mobile Enrollment console provides the following features:

  • Devices
  • Profiles
  • Resellers
  • Device users
  • Admins and roles
  • Activity log

Use the console features


The following display as options on the Devices page:

  • The Devices page displays every device that’s uploaded to your account, and which of these devices is assigned a profile. These profiles let you deploy the same settings and configurations, and enrolling them in your EMM.

  • It also provides additional tools to help you manage profiles, devices, and users in bulk.

  • If you don’t see any devices in your account, please contact your Samsung-approved reseller, and provide them your Knox Customer ID so they can upload devices for you.


  • The Profiles page displays all profiles in your account.
  • Depending on the profile type, you can bulk enroll devices in your EMM and configure advanced settings for more secure device management.


  • On the Resellers page, you can register resellers that you’re partnered with.
  • Additionally, you can set reseller preferences that automatically approve device uploads made by trusted Samsung-approved resellers.

Device Users

  • The Device Users page displays all the users you can assign devices to.
  • Additionally, you can add new users, edit or remove passwords, and import users and passwords in bulk with a CSV file.

Administrators and Roles

The Administrators and Roles page lets you manage admins and roles for your services. See Add an admin for more details.

Activity log

  • The Activity log page displays information about all enrollment actions performed by admins and resellers.
  • You can filter these enrollment activities by admin name, event category, or event type.

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