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Complete device enrollment

Last updated December 7th, 2023

Finally, you can enroll your devices in an EMM in bulk through the Out-of-box experience (OOBE). OOBE ensures bulk enrollment once you boot up the devices after approving them and assign them a profile.

For smaller device fleets, you can enroll devices in the following ways:

  • QR code — Scan a QR code to initiate device enrollment.

  • Knox Deployment App — Upload multiple devices without a reseller. The app supports the following upload options:

    • Bluetooth — A dedicated admin/primary smartphone can be connected to another device wirelessly through Bluetooth without requiring a PIN or password.

    • Wi-Fi Direct — Devices can be directly connected to each other through a WLAN, without joining a traditional wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Congratulations! Your devices are now enrolled in your EMM.

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