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Monitor advanced profiles

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

For devices that applied advanced profiles, Knox Mobile Enrollment provides the following monitoring capabilities and actions:

This page helps you learn how to monitor the different features and settings on devices with advanced profiles.

Access the Advanced profile assigned tab

The Advanced profile assigned tab on the Devices page displays a list of all the devices that are assigned advanced profiles.

For active Knox Suite license holders, the Advanced profile assigned tab is accessible depending on specific conditions:

  • If no advanced profile is created, the Advanced profile assigned tab is hidden.
  • If an advanced profile exists but isn’t assigned to any devices, then the Advanced profile assigned tab is displayed but is disabled.
  • If an advanced profile exists and assigned to at least one device, then the Advanced profile assigned tab is fully available.

Check the profile status

You can inspect the current status of an advanced profile assigned to a device by checking the Status column on the Devices page:

Status name Outcome Status color
Expired The Knox Suite license has expired Red
Enrolled (restricted) The device is assigned an advanced profile that it hasn’t yet applied, and a valid Knox Suite license wasn’t available during its original enrollment. Therefore, the device is successfully enrolled in an EMM but without the advanced profile settings. Yellow

Filter profiles by type

When reviewing all the profiles in your tenant on the Profiles page, you can filter devices by whether they were assigned an advanced profile. To do so:

  1. Click the Profile Type column header to view a filterable list of profile types.

  2. Select one or more profile types, then click Apply Filters. Only profiles with the selected profile types are now displayed.

Additionally, see lock and unlock devices to learn how you can lock or unlock devices in bulk and unlock them in offline environments using a PIN.

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