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Add an admin

Last updated September 18th, 2023

Knox Mobile Enrollment allows you to invite and manage admins, as well as assign requisite privileges and roles needed to complete an admin invitation.

Specifically, a super admin — the only super admin associated with your tenant — creates the account and assigns specific roles and permissions to individual sub-admins as needed. In doing so, admins with their own unique set of permissions are assigned new roles that map to their current permissions. If needed, you can create new roles — beyond what the migrated admins are currently assigned — based on a list of permissions.

Invite an admin

  1. You must create a Samsung account before you create an admin account.
  2. You must first create a role before you invite an admin to that role.

To invite an admin:

  1. On the Administrator and Roles page on the left navigation pane, open the Administrators tab.

  2. Click Invite administrator.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • First name — Provide the first name of the administrator resource.

    • Last name — Provide the last name of the administrator resource.

    • Email — If this email isn’t already associated with a Samsung Account, the user will have to create a Samsung Account before signing in to Knox Mobile Enrollment. Samsung Knox doesn’t support personal email addresses for new Knox account requests that haven’t been registered as a Samsung account. If the administrator’s email is already associated with an active Samsung Knox account, the invitation will fail and throw an error. Submit a support ticket for assistance in resolving the error.

  4. Select Knox Mobile Enrollment as the Knox cloud service for this role.

  5. Select a role for this admin from the Roles list, if any roles exist, and click Invite.

  6. If no role exists, click Create a role.

  7. On the Create a role page:

    • Select a Knox cloud service. In this case, select Knox Mobile Enrollment.

    • Enter a Role name and an optional Description.

    • Set permissions for this role. These permission categories span all the different actions you can take across all the features that Knox Mobile Enrollment offers. Moreover, you can set specific permissions for different roles.

  8. Finally, click Save.

Additionally, you can also bulk invite admins by uploading a CSV file containing their first names, last names, and email addresses.

Bulk invite admins

You can invite administrators in bulk by uploading a CSV file to the console.

To bulk invite admins:

  1. On the Administrator and Roles page on the left navigation pane, open the Administrators tab.

  2. Click Invite multiple administrators.

  3. Upload a properly formatted CSV file. If you’re unsure about the format, click the Download CSV template link. This template contains the following steps that you must complete to correctly format the CSV file:

    • Before uploading the CSV, erase the explanation line beginning with ‘#.

    • First name, Last name, Email address form the header row and can’t be deleted.

    • The next row contains information about admins you’d like to invite.

    • Each row below the header must have a first name, last name, and email address, separated by a comma.

    • First and last names can’t contain numeric characters.

    • Email address should follow a valid format such as name@domain.

    • Each field can contain up to a maximum of 60 characters.

  4. Select a role from the Role list to apply to each admin in the CSV file. Once the admin information is uploaded to the console, you can modify their roles as required.

  5. Click Invite to initiate the CSV file upload.

View admins and roles

Once roles are created and assigned to admins, you can review and edit the role name and the associated permissions.

The Roles tab on the View administrator page lists all the admins and their role.

Also, select Show blocked and revoked administrators to view blocked or revoked admins.

Delete a role

You can optionally delete roles in a pending, revoked or blocked state. To delete a role:

  1. Click the Role name on the Administrators and Roles page.

  2. On the Edit role page, click Delete.

Note that you can’t delete a role if there are active admins that are assigned that role. If you attempt to delete such a role, the Delete role dialog informs you that:

  • One or more active admins are assigned this role.

  • Deleting this role will remove all roles and its privileges for this admin.

  • They will need to be assigned a new role for either reactivation or new invitation.

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