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Knox Mobile Enrollment 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 3rd, 2024


Factory reset locked devices

Previously, some customers reported having difficulties helping a device user who didn’t know how to factory reset their locked device for EMM enrollment without physical access to the device.

Starting with the 24.04 release, you can now remotely factory reset one or more locked devices that are assigned Android Enterprise (Advanced) profiles, which solves issues of remote lock-out. This new feature also bolsters device protection in other high-risk scenarios, like when:

  • The device user violates guidelines to safely return the device.
  • The device user continues to use the device without performing a factory reset.
  • The device user has unauthorized access to restricted or sensitive information.


You must have permissions to manage devices to access this feature.

See Factory reset locked devices for more information.


Bulk assign different profiles

Previously, you could assign only one profile to multiple device users along with their credentials using a CSV file, making it an inconvenient experience.

With Knox Mobile Enrollment 24.04, you can now assign one or more Android Enterprise or Android Enterprise (Advanced) profiles to multiple device users using a CSV file.

You can also Assign user credentials and different profiles in one swift action.

Profile cloning

Previously, you had to repetitively enter the same information multiple times if you needed to create similar profiles, which was inconvenient.

Starting with the 24.04 release, you can clone an existing profile from the Profiles page and then customize it as you desire. You must rename the new profile to avoid a naming conflict with the profile you cloned. All the other details of the profile you cloned are retained, letting you reuse profile parameters.

Android Enterprise and Android Enterprise (Advanced) profiles also allow you to clone a profile.

Previously, you didn’t have the ability to filter devices by the user ID on the Devices page. With the 24.04 release, you can now also filter devices by user ID, making searching for devices more convenient.

See Device details for more information.

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