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Knox Mobile Enrollment 23.12 release notes

Last updated December 6th, 2023

Support for device enrollment with captive portals

Starting with the 23.12 release, OOBE and QR code enrollment now succeed when connected to a Wi-Fi network that is behind a captive portal. Supports devices running Android 14 or higher, regardless of whether they were previously factory-reset or locked by factory reset protection.

For non-Knox devices running Android 14 or higher, you must remove factory reset protection to leverage this feature.

Enrollment with hidden Wi-Fi SSID

With the 23.12 release, you can enroll devices using a QR code when connected to a Wi-Fi access point with a hidden SSID. Supports both Android Enterprise and Android Enterprise (Advanced) profiles.

Selecting Wi-Fi network is hidden on the Profiles page on the console lets you connect to this access point when you generate or edit a QR code, and view or print it only in read-only mode.

Updates to device enrollment flow

Previously, devices prepared by Knox Mobile Enrollment would skip the Google Services screen in the Android enrollment wizard, disallowing you to:

  • Configure location settings,
  • Configure installed apps to access location data and install updates,
  • Send usage and diagnostic data.

Starting with 23.12 release, you can now optionally select Show the setup wizard after EMM enrollment on the Android Enterprise profile settings screen to display these Google Services screen, gaining more control over the aforementioned settings. This updated flow is supported for company-owned devices with a work profile running Android 13 or higher, and fully managed devices running Android 14 or higher.

UI improvements

Knox Mobile Enrollment 23.12 also brings the following UI improvements to the Create profile page:

  • You can now search for an EMM by its EMM name, ordered alphabetically, and grouped first by whether an EMM is validated by the Knox Validated Program.

  • The Android Enterprise profile setting screen now links to the correct and latest Samsung Knox Privacy Policy.

This release delivers a significant update to Knox cloud infrastructure that further hardens how fields with personally identifiable information (PII) are stored. This update impacts how you can search for PII across all Knox services.

For the technical details about this update, as well as an up-to-date breakdown of how this affects Knox Mobile Enrollment, see Security notice regarding storage and search behavior for PII.

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