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Knox Mobile Enrollment 22.11 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

REST API enhancement to retrieve specific device information

Previously, the Get Devices operation in the REST API returned all the information logged for a specific device.

With the 22.11 release, the Get Devices operation includes an optional new parameter that allows you to retrieve device information logged between a specific point in time through to the present. You can pass this parameter as either a number of hours, minutes, or even as a starting date.

New Unassign Profile operation in the REST API

Previously, the Unassign Profile operation in the REST API blocked all valid devices (valid device IDs like IMEI or serial number) that were submitted if even one invalid device ID was in the batch.

Starting with 22.11, the Unassign Profile operation unassigns all valid device IDs you submit, regardless of any invalid device IDs in the batch. The response now contains separate lists of the valid devices, the devices that don’t exist, and all the invalid devices. The endpoint is also changed to /kcs/v2/kme/devices/unassignProfile.

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