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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.40 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Consolidate notification emails across services

Previously, when users signed up for multiple Knox services from the unified Knox Admin Portal, they received multiple notification emails. Going forward, all notification emails from the unified Knox Admin Portal are sent in a single notification email. Going forward, users can only receive notification emails from services that are set to show on the left navigation pane. This change applies to all Knox services, namely: Knox Portal, Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, Samsung Care+ for Business, Knox Asset Intelligence, and Knox Manage.

Device Sync for various Knox services

When registering devices to a customer from the Reseller Portal (RP), you cannot specify the Knox service. So, when a customer subscribes to a service, all devices registered from the RP are automatically synced to the registered services. This automatic sync results in all devices, even devices not currently in use, are uploaded to the services resulting in massive data usage. This release introduces a new feature where users can manually sync devices with the appropriate Knox service from the Knox dashboard. The new process works as follows:

  1. The user registers for KCS services using the unified Knox Admin Portal, but the devices from the Reseller Portal are not synced automatically.

  2. When the user first logs in to the unified Knox Admin Portal, a Show/Hide Service page shows. The user can select the appropriate service from this location.

    Once set up, the user can choose to add or remove services using the Show/Hide Service buttons on the left navigation menu.

  3. After selecting all services, the user clicks Confirm. The user must select at least one service; without which they cannot proceed to the next step.

  4. After confirmation, the device sync notification shows and the added services show on the left hand navigation menu.

  5. Once the device information is synced, hiding the added services does not remove the devices’ information from the database. If the user were to add the service again, all information synced previously is still visible. If a device sync was not successful, users can manually run the sync process again.

Remove Samsung app auto-install features in KES client

KME client has been installing Samsung Internet and Samsung Email apps (if they are not preloaded in the device) during out-of-box enrollment process to resolve errors from certain Knox APIs — for example BrowserPolicy and EmailPolicy — due to their absence in the device.

These days most EMMs provide app management feature using MGP and many customers have used it. Due to the low usage of those Knox APIs and longer enrollment time caused by app download and installation, KME is deprecating the feature from this release. After the update, if you want to manage Samsung Internet and Samsung Email, you must install and manage them using MGP.

For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment stops installing Samsung Internet and Samsung Email apps.

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