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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.39 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

DualDAR option improvements

KME now supports DualDAR and allows users to enable this option from the KME console’s MDM Profile Setting menu. When creating a new profile for AE(DO), the DualDAR option is not selected by default since this option is tied closely to the licensing status of the account. Premium users user must manually select the DualDAR option to apply it to the devices in the profile.


To use DualDAR on devices, the customer needs a premium or DualDAR license. If there is no DualDAR license available or active for the account or the device, the device is locked within 24 hours of enabling the DualDAR option. Once the device is locked, it is rendered unusable. The only way to unlock the device and make it usable is to reset the device to factory settings.

API and other enhancements

This release also includes the following feature enhancements and other improvements:

  • New API to provide a list of registered resellers:

    This release includes a new API called Get reseller list, as a part of the Device upload and reseller management APIs. This new API lets IT admins using KME and KME APIs get a list of all active resellers, including the following information:

    • Reseller ID

    • Reseller name

    • Reseller country

    • Auto-assign status

    • Auto-device upload approval status

    • List of auto-assigned profile names (to a maximum of 11 names)


    Any resellers with an inactive status are not included in this list. In case of customers without any registered resellers, the API results in an error message.

  • New API to register a new reseller:

    This release includes a new API called Register reseller, as a part of the Device upload and reseller management APIs. This API is available for both US and EU regions, and lets IT admins register a new reseller using a new reseller ID. The reseller ID must be active, unregistered, and already existing in the DB.

New notification center

KME now includes a new notification center that matches the look and feel of the KC notification center. The notification center can show information items for one or more of the following items:

  • System
  • Profiles
  • Uploads
  • Devices
  • Resellers
  • Activity Log
  • Device users
  • Bulk actions
  • Feedback
  • Admins

To see detailed information about any item in the notification center, the user clicks the appropriate item. This action opens the notification center with more details about the item.

UI screens and field-related enhancements

The following screen and field-level enhancements are included in this release:

  • Add new EMM partners to KME profile drop down menu: The KME-Android Enterprise list now includes the following KVP Partners:

    • Scalefusion by Promobitech

    • Vanguard by Vostra (Indonesia)

    • Pulsus

    • Mitsogo Hexnode MDM

    • AppTec360

    • Mobiltec Cloud4Mobile

  • Improve wording in left hand navigation menu: The left menu bar now refers to MDM Profiles as Profiles to facilitate easier unified Knox admin portal integration.

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