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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.32 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Root and intermediate certificate installation

Certain customers require both root and intermediate certificates be installed on devices prior to EMM enrollment. However, Samsung devices do not have these certificates pre-installed, resulting in additional enrollment steps, and a more complex setup.

To address such certificate requirements, customers can now add additional certificates with KME. Certificates can now be downloaded and installed after KME enrollment profile creation, but prior to EMM connectivity which may require root certificates to proceed.

The following certificate types are supported — .cer, .pem, .crt, .der, and .ca-bundle (either inside the ZIP file or applied directly), while .p7b, .p7s, .p12, and .pfx file types are not supported.

With Android 9, root/intermediate certificates are installed in the device default keystore. With Android 10 and greater, root/intermediate certificates are installed in the VPN and App keystores, as well as the device default keystore.

Customer now able to let EMM access their data using KME API

This feature allows customers to authorize those EMMs who have integrated via KME APIs to access their data.

The customer super admin must enter unique ID of the EMM in KME. A valid ID is associated with an EMM partner for access permission verification. Once the ID is matched, the name of the EMM displays in a success dialog to provide confirmation to the customer.


Once authorized by the customer, the KME APIs can be used by their EMM to access their customer data ( If not authorized, the KME APIs cannot be used. The super admin can revoke permission at any time by deleting or editing the ID.

Proget and Chimpa added to list of supported EMMs in the KME-DO dropdown list

With this release, both Proget and Chimpa were added to the list of supported EMMs. Specifically, Proget and Chimpa were added to the Pick your MDM drop-down menu when selecting an EMM to assign the device owner privilege.

South Korea added as a KME supported country

South Korea has been added a KME supported country in the EU region.

Going forward, South Korea will be available within the KME drop-down during signup.

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