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Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.24 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Create a dynamic APK URL link based on Google Managed Play

Admins have requested an easier and more reliable way to retrieve a MDM APK for DO profile utilization, rather than having to manually navigate to the APK, then enter the correct path to its location.

With this release, MDMs with APKs available at Google Managed Play can be selected, and their URLs populated dynamically. If Other is selected from the MDM drop-down menu the APK field remains editable.

dynamic apk url

When a supported DO is selected, a URL text box displays with the correct MDM APK URL, and a green checkmark lets the admin know the APK validation is successful. Alternatively, an error message displays if the selected MDM’s APK URL could not be parsed. Only tested and functional MDM APKs are available for selection.

Activity log updates for administrative role events

With this release the KME activity log now provides better event status for administrative role updates. The following updates are now included:

  • Administrator invitations
  • Admin info edits
  • Revoked invitations
  • Resent invitations for revoked admins (Resent invitations for pending admins are not logged)
  • Deactivated accounts
  • Reactivated accounts

Role deletions permitted for pending, revoked, and locked admin states

This enhancement provides admins the ability to delete a role with a pending, revoked or blocked state. Before the role can be deleted, a Delete role screen lists the role’s current administrator assignments. The deletion is not allowed if there are active users assigned to the role. These users must be assigned a different role to permit the deletion.

role deletion permissions

A Delete role popup message also displays when a role re-assignment is required for a deletion.

Secure pass of user-credentials during device assignment API call

This enhancement addresses admin requests for a secure means to pass user-credentials during a device assignment API call. With this release, the Samsung Knox team provides a means for customers to encrypt user-credentials (username and password) before they are passed in an Assign Profile API call. The user credentials are then decrypted for device enrollment.

Tooltip added for reseller deletions

To date, when an admin cannot delete a reseller due to the reseller’s associated devices the Delete button is disabled, and the admin could be wondering why the delete function is inoperable.

Tooltip for reseller deletion

To remedy this situation, a tooltip now displays when hovering over the Delete button. The tooltip clearly states the reseller cannot be removed as long as it’s associated with devices utilized by a Knox Cloud Service.

KME satisfaction survey

The Knox Mobile Enrollment Survey was designed by the Knox team to better understand what users require from the KME service.

kme satisfaction survey

With this latest KCS release, users will be notified of the survey’s availability.

The questions are designed to gauge customer needs in respect to company size and deployment requirements.

The Knox team will carefully review the results of each survey to trend result information into KME console and service improvement objectives.

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