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Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 1.6 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 1.6 release is scheduled to go live on March 29, 2023 and includes the following changes.

Update to supported Android versions

In accordance with our updated Android support plan, the minimum supported version for Android devices registered in Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Configure, and Knox Deployment app have each rolled forward. To review the minimum version on a product-by-product basis, see Policy update on Knox supported versions.

Minimized single QR code

Previously, the QR code creation settings on the Settings dialog required you to scan multiple QR codes for every device enrollment, and supported these settings only on devices running Knox 3.8 or higher, possibly leading to enrollment failures.

With the 1.6 release, Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct remedies these limitations by allowing you to generate only a minimized single QR code that contains your Wi-Fi configurations and a URL for retrieving the enrollment data, thereby simplifying the enrollment process.

Furthermore, you can also choose the order in which QR codes are scanned:

  • Multiple QR codes in order (Android 11 or higher, Knox 3.7 or higher)
  • Multiple QR codes in any order (Android 12 or higher, Knox 3.8 or higher)
  • Minimized single QR code (Android 13 or higher, Knox 3.9 or higher)

Option to leave system apps enabled

Previously, most system apps were disabled, limiting usage only to some system apps such as My Files, Contacts, and Google Play Store. With the 1.6 release, system apps are disabled by default but you can now leave all system apps enabled. Doing so makes all the pre-installed system apps on the device available for use. To enable this setting for device deployment profiles, select Leave all system apps enabled on the Additional deployment options screen. The sliding panel also reflects these new settings.

leave all systems apps enabled

When using Knox Mobile Enrollment with Knox Configure, disabling system apps may lead to conflicts with Knox Configure.

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