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Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 1.4 release notes

Last updated February 20th, 2024

The Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct v1.4 release is scheduled to go live on June 30, 2022 and includes the following changes.

DualDAR configuration support

With the v1.4 release, Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct supports enabling DualDAR upon enrollment and configuring additional DualDAR settings using Knox Service Plugin.

DualDAR helps to secure data on a device through two layers of encryption. These security layers are independent and protect stored information even when the device is powered off or in an unauthenticated state.

To enable DualDAR on devices, a DualDAR license is required. Contact your reseller to purchase a license. Refer to Set up and configuration for IT admins for more details.

For general information about DualDAR and its benefits, refer to the DualDAR Encryption whitepaper and the DualDAR architecture documentation.

option to enable DualDAR during AE enrollment

additional options to configure DualDAR settings

Server dependency removal for configuration profiles

Previously, you would create configuration profiles and generate associated XML files. The XML files would bake in server information such as the full URI and the server locality — built-in or local. As a result, configuration profiles weren’t compatible if the server information differed, resulting in a dependency between configurations and servers. This server dependency is now removed, and configuration files can work with any URI and server type. Moving forward, URI information is only stored within deployment profile QR codes. Note that server settings can be edited on the Global Settings screen.

radio buttons to select between built in and local server

Multi-certificate deployment

Previously, Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct only supported the upload and deployment of one root or intermediate certificate when creating an Android Enterprise profile. Now, you can add and deploy up to five certificates at once.

option to set up multiple certificates

In-console UI enhancements

v1.4 also includes a number of UI and UX enhancements. Changes include:

  • Added a common shared folder among built-in and local servers.

  • Information entered into fields is now checked to ensure correct formatting. For example, the Local server URI for a device Configuration profile field tests for fully-formed URIs.

  • The sliding panel now stays open after a profile is edited and changes are saved.

  • An error message displays when an XML file or QR code fails to generate or save.

  • Added buttons to control screen sizes.

  • The Continue buttons on each screen remain inactive until you provide the required information.

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