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EMM enrollment fails when using QR code method

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct
  • EMM enrollment
  • QR code enrollment method
  • China region


When a device user in China enrolls a device in an EMM using a QR code from Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct, they might encounter an error after scanning the code where the EMM agent fails to download and install. The following error then displays on the device:


Couldn’t enroll your phone because there are missing files necessary for enrollment. Contact Support if the problem continues.


The hosting servers that EMMs use to provide app downloads aren’t always available or accessible in China. When the device user scans the QR code to download the EMM agent, the link in the QR code might not be reachable.

For example, if the QR code consists of the following URI:

The final URI will be, and the automatic installation fails.


You must generate the QR code based on the URI that’s actually accessible from the China region. Device users can use this QR code to successfully enroll their device.

There are several methods to find the correct URI:

  • Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct has preset URIs for some EMMs. When editing the EMM agent URI field, URI suggestions will autocomplete based on your input. These URIs will work with your network. You can also test the URI in your local environment.

  • You can store the EMM agent package on your own server and provide your own URI for EMM deployment.

If enrollment continues to fail, please contact

Additional information

To learn about device deployment profiles in Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct, refer to the Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct IT admin guide.

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