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How to set up firewall exception for True Single SKU devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct
  • True Single SKU (TSS) devices


When you purchase a new Galaxy device, it comes pre-loaded with network-specific features and services depending on where the device was purchased from. The features and services are determined by the specific service provider or SKU indicating which network they are connected to. With True Single SKU, new devices have a common service provider. When the device is set up, its service provider is automatically determined and the specific service provider SKU is applied.

True Single SKU devices connect to a server during the initial setup to get information about the service provider. After setup has finished, the device will restart to apply the network-specific features and services.

Some Galaxy devices require public internet connection during the initial device setup wizard. The following URL and port number should be whitelisted as a trusted site for enterprises attempting to reach destination Knox servers. This step is required to define the sales code (carrier code) and proceed with the setup steps.

Port — 443

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