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Service provider update interrupts the KME enrollment process

Last updated October 5th, 2023



  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • True Single SKU (TSS) devices


New True Single SKU devices require a one-time restart to complete the setup process. Customers using these devices in conjunction with Knox Mobile Enrollment have reported experiencing an issue where the enrollment data isn’t passed to their chosen EMM after the restart. Due to this behavior, the device user must manually intervene.

What is True Single SKU?

When you purchase a new Galaxy device, it will come pre-loaded with network-specific features and services, depending on where the device has been purchased from. This is because most devices have a specific service provider or SKU that indicates which network they are connected to. With True Single SKU, new devices have a common service provider. This means that when the device is set up, it will determine what service provider is being used and apply the specific service provider SKU.

True Single SKU devices will connect to a server during the initial setup to get information about the service provider. After setup has finished, the device will restart to apply the network specific features and services.


During SKU setup, the device restarts, which can interrupt the Knox Mobile Enrollment flow, which in turn prevents vital enrollment data from passing to your EMM.


The device setup process has been updated to complete the service provider update after the TSS setup. The following is the setup process order:

  1. Begin enrolling the device through Knox Mobile Enrollment.

  2. After the device is connected to a Wi-Fi APN, the True Single SKU setup begins.

    Service provider update

  3. When prompted, restart the device.

  4. Complete device enrollment with Knox Mobile Enrollment.

If the service provider update is interrupted during the True Single SKU setup, the wizard notifies you. One possible error message is:

There was a problem connecting. Service provider features will be set up later when your phone is able to connect.

After an interruption, if you proceed through the on-screen instructions, you’re presented with the option on the home screen to postpone the setup by tapping Remind in 30 minutes.

service provider update popup

Postponing it allows Knox Mobile Enrollment to complete device enrollment, without any interruptions.

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