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AirWatch prompts for group ID to be manually entered during KME enrollment

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Product: Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)
  • Knox version*: All
  • Model number: All
  • Android version: All


When KME launches the AirWatch MDM to begin enrollment, the device user is required to enter the group ID, even if the group ID is already provided in the “Custom JSON Data” field of the KME profile. Consequently, the device user must obtain the group ID from their administrator to complete enrollment.


The group ID within the “Custom JSON Data” portion of the KME console has been entered in an incorrect format.


KME supports two types of profiles depending on whether your app is running as a device owner (DO) or device admin (DA). Ensure you have provided the correct group ID label in the “Custom JSON Data” for the profile type you have selected, as outlined below:

  • For DO profiles: {" gid “:“groupname”}
  • For DA profiles: {” groupid “:“groupname”}

Additional information

For  more information on how to set up a KME profile for the VMware Airwatch MDM, go to the VMware AirWatch documentation.

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