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Knox Service Plugin 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 10th, 2024

App version Release date
1.4.62 April 10th, 2024


Fix for dual-SIM policy on One UI 6.0

With the release of Knox Service Plugin 24.03 in March 2024, the dual-SIM policy was deprecated on devices running One UI 6.1 and higher because of an upstream change to Android. However, the deprecation also unintentionally applied to One UI 6.0, and customers couldn’t block the secondary physical SIM on Samsung devices running that version of the OS. Devices running versions lower than One UI 6.0 were unaffected.

With Knox Service Plugin 24.04, you can once again block the secondary physical SIM on One UI 6.0 by setting the Allow dual SIM operation policy to False. The policy continues to leave eSIMs unaffected.


Allow eSIM operation policy

To accommodate enterprises that need to block eSIMs but not physical SIMs on devices running One UI 6.0 and higher, the Allow eSIM operation policy is now available.

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