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Firmware update policy

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Refer to the following to enable or disable device firmware update settings:

  1. In your UEM console, open the Device Configuration Profile associated with your target devices, and then on the middle navigation menu, click Properties. The Device Configuration Policy Properties page opens.

  2. On the Properties page, in the Settings list, click Configure. The OEMConfig page for the Device Configuration Policy opens.

  3. Next to the appropriate Device Owner field, click Configure.

  4. Navigate to one of the following Firmware update (FOTA) fields as needed. Click Configure. Once the updates have been completed Click OK. Updated firmware settings are saved and deployed to devices based on the deployment schedule.

  • Set the Enable firmware controls control to True to enable advanced firmware management options. If this control is set to False, other firmware management related settings have no effect.

  • Set the Allow firmware update over-the-air control to True to enable FOTA updates. Set this value to False to block all OTA update requests (user, server, or system initiated). The user may still periodically see messages about available updates, but any attempt to upgrade will fail. Setting this value to False does not block firmware updates in recovery mode.

  • Set the Allow firmware update in recovery mode control to True to enable the ability to do an update when in recovery mode. Recovery mode permits the device user to factory reset, fix certain problems, or apply device software updates.

  • Set the Enforce firmware auto update on Wi-Fi control to True to enable an automatic firmware update when the device connects to a Wi-Fi network. Setting this control to True enables auto-update on Wi-Fi and blocks the device user from modifying it. Set this value to False to permit the device user to modify this setting on the device.

  • Set the Enable E-FOTA client installation & launch control to True to permit the installation and launch of the E-FOTA client on a device. Set this value to False to restrict an E-FOTA client install on the device.

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