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Restrictions in work profile

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Refer to the following controls to allow or block specific operations in a user’s work profile. These controls require Knox version 2.7 or higher and a Standard license.

  • Set the Enable work profile restriction controls to True before using any of he work profile restrictions described in the policy group. If set to False, KSP will ignore any set value and not enforce restrictions.

    • Set the Allow microphone control to True to permit device microphone utilization without user interaction. If set to False, the device microphone is disabled for recording, but does not impact the device’s phone application.

    • Set the Allow Share Via option control to True to permit the utilization of Share Via functionality and share data from one application to another application using one of many options. If set to False, applications are restricted from sharing data with one another.

    • Set the Allow Bluetooth control to True to permit bluetooth functionality within the device container. If set to False, bluetooth cannot be enabled inside the container.

    • Set the Allow Video Recording control to True to permit the device to record videos. If set to False, video recording capability is rendered inoperable. However, the device camera remains functional when video recording is disabled.

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