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Allow eSIM operation

Last updated April 10th, 2024

Some devices have one physical SIM and also support eSIMs, and when such a device is unmanaged, the device user has an unrestricted ability device to add and remove them.

With the Allow eSIM operation policy, Knox Service Plugin lets you disable eSIMs entirely, restricting the device to only the physical SIM.


The Allow eSIM operation policy is available on devices running One UI 6.0 and higher.

Disable eSIMs

To completely disable eSIMs on devices and block users from managing them:

  1. On your EMM console, add an assignment for the Knox Service Plugin app intended for your target devices, or edit it if one already exists.

  2. For the app’s managed configuration, set the following:

    Setting Value
    Device-wide policies > Enable device policy controls True
    Device-wide policies > Advanced Restriction policies (Premium) > Enable Advanced restrictions controls True
    Device-wide policies > Advanced Restriction policies (Premium) > Allow eSIM operation False
  3. Finish configuring the app assignment.

  4. Push the app to the devices.

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