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Separated Apps

Last updated December 22nd, 2023

Separated Apps provides an alternative to keeping apps in the same user space, and provides an option to position specific listed apps in a separate user space. Separated Apps is supported in DO deployments only.

For information on how Separated Apps works, go to: Separated Apps.

For more information on how Separated Apps works on devices running Android 14 or higher, see Separated Apps for Android 14

Separated Apps policies — Refer to the following group of Separated Apps policies and restrictions:

  • Enable Separated Apps — Set this control to True before using any using any Separated Apps policies. If disabled (set to False), KSP will apply a policy to remove Separated Apps from the device, and all apps installed inside Separated Apps will be uninstalled.

  • White Listing Policy — A group of policies <bundle> for specifying a list of apps to be separated, and whether the apps are installed outside or inside of the separate space. This control is available on Knox 3.7 or higher supported devices only.

    • Location for Separate Apps installation — If set to Outside, the specified apps are installed outside (in user0), apps not in the list are installed inside. If set to Inside, the specified apps are installed inside a separate space, and apps not in the list are installed outside.

    • List of Apps to Separate — Define a comma separated list of applications <string> that will be separated from the other apps not in this list. If Outside is selected for the Location of Separate Apps installation, then existing apps installed outside in User0 that are not part of this list are uninstalled.

Keep in mind, any existing apps already installed on the device that are not part of the list will be uninstalled. If an admin accidentally defines an empty list, then previously installed apps are uninstalled.

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