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Device is locked with ‘Workspace License Expired’ error after migrating from a Knox Workspace to an Android Enterprise profile

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)
  • Devices previously activated against a KPE Premium license key
  • Devices migrating from a Knox Workspace to an Android Enterprise (AE) profile


You may encounter an issue where your device is locked with a Workspace License Expired error. User actions are limited to powering the device on and off or factory resetting it.


During the device enrollment process to a UEM, a KLM license key is activated for Knox Workspace deployments, which grants Knox Premium permissions for creating and managing a Knox Workspace. The license activation process creates an association between the device and the license key, and grants the device a set of permissions.

Periodic checks are made between the device and licensing server to verify that its assigned seat is still in use. If the device does not check in to the server for 180 days or more, its seat is automatically released and all permissions previously granted to the device are revoked.

During the migration process from a Knox Workspace deployment to AE Device Owner mode, some UEMs may also activate an ELM key. The ELM key grants devices Knox Standard permissions for access to APIs offered by the Knox Standard SDK. When activating an ELM key, the UEM inherits all the permissions granted on the previous license activation by the same UEM client. An unintended consequence of this activation is the device upgrading to Device Owner Premium mode, which requires a paid KLM* license key. However, the Knox Premium permissions are not granted because the KLM license key may have expired. Consequently, the device may be locked with the Workspace License Expired error.

There may be other causes related to this issue, which the Samsung Knox team is currently investigating.

*The KLM license key has become the KPE license key. Please refer to the Knox licenses page to learn more about license types.


To avoid encountering this error, the association between device and server must be removed on both sides. Before factory resetting a device, re-enrolling it in a UEM, or uninstalling a UEM client, ensure you have followed these instructions on how to disassociate a device from a KPE license key.

If your device(s) are locked after migrating to AE:

  1. Disassociate your old license key using the Device Deactivation tool.

  2. On the affected device(s), perform a factory reset.

  3. Re-enroll the device(s) to the MDM/UEM solution.

If you have not been provided with a KPE license key, please submit a ticket through the Knox Admin Portal.

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