Knox licenses

NOTE — With Knox 3.7.1, managed devices no longer need to activate a Knox license to call the new APIs introduced for ISVs. Refer to the Independent Software Vendors for more details.

Our Samsung Knox SDKs are powerful. They provide you with system-level control over all the great features in Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables, and help you to create the next killer app with differentiating features for the next big business opportunity. Our SDKs extend capabilities in the Android and Tizen SDKs, providing enterprises with additional features to remotely manage, customize, and secure devices.

We uses licenses for:

  • Security—We limit access to the more powerful APIs to vetted enterprises in our Knox Partner Program. If we find that an enterprise is intentionally or accidentally abusing the use of our APIs, we can revoke their licenses immediately and prevent their apps from calling our APIs.

You can incorporate the billing of our premium Knox features into your own monetization models as follows:

  • Add-on—Charge our Knox subscription fee on top of your own service fee.
  • Tiered—Establish a higher-cost, premium-tiered service that includes Knox services.

The model depends on whether you want to hide our licensing structure and details from customers.

KPE license types

The Knox SDK and Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables use the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license. This license is permission-based, with these variants providing access to different free and paid features:

  • KPE Standard—Provides permissions to call APIs that manage device features like network connections, user accounts, location, simple kiosking, data encryption, and security restrictions. This is a free license.
  • KPE Premium—Provides all the Standard permissions as well as permissions to call APIs that provide advanced security features like containers, VPNs, and certificates, as well as comprehensive device customization and kiosking. This is a free license.
  • Knox DualDAR—Provides all the Premium permissions as well as a permission to call APIs that enable double encryption of Data-At-Rest. This is a paid license.

Development and commercial licenses

We provide trial licenses for those evaluating our SDKs:

  • KPE Development—This trial license provides the permissions to call all APIs, but works on a limited number of devices for a limited time period. Once expired, you can either generate a new Development license or upgrade to a Commercial license. All partners can generate this license from the Knox Partner Portal.
  • KPE Commercial—This license works on an unlimited number of devices for various time periods.
    • Premium licenses can be generated at After registration, an automatic approval request will be sent to your local Samsung admin. The Samsung admin will approve you if you are a business user. After approval, log in and generate a license key.

License scope

You can use development licenses on a limited number of devices and for a limited time period:

SDK Development License # Activations Valid Period Max # Licenses
Knox SDK
Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables
KPE Development 30 6 months 1

You can use commercial licenses on more devices and longer time periods:

SDK Commercial License # Activations Valid Period Max # Licenses Permissions Generated
Knox SDK
Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables
KPE Standard 10,000,000 2 years 100 Standard Knox Partner Portal
KPE Premium 10,000,000 2 years Unlimited Standard, Premium, Custom Knox Portal
Knox DualDAR As many as you purchase Yearly or perpetual Unlimited

Standard, Premium, Custom, UCM, DualDAR

Knox Reseller

Other license types

Other license types include:

  • Backwards—compatible key–This enables devices running Knox v2.7.1 and earlier to use the Knox 3.x SDK. If your app needs to support devices with older Knox versions, you need to generate only one such key, which works on an unlimited number of devices for an unlimited period.
  • REST authentication key—If you are also using our web services, you need an authentication token to verify that you are allowed to access our REST APIs.

Knox v2.9 first introduced a Beta version of the permission-based KPE license. Before that, devices running Knox v2.8 and earlier used these older license types:

  • Enterprise License Manager (ELM)–The ELM license was replaced by the Knox Standard license and has reached end of service. To get more info, see the ELM end of service FAQs. SDKs that used this license have now been deprecated. These include the Knox Standard, Premium, and Customization SDKs, as well as the Samsung EDU SDK.
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV)–The Samsung India Identity SDK still uses this ISV license to authenticate apps that call its APIs. The legacy Knox ISV SDK also used the ISV license. The ISV license continues to work with no changes needed.
  • Knox License Manager (KLM)–The legacy Knox Premium and Customization SDKs used the KLM license to track customer usage of paid APIs for billing purposes. The KLM license continues to work, but if your key reaches the maximum number of activations purchased, you need to contact us to buy more activations for the key.

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