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Knox Platform for Enterprise 3.7.1 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

March 2021

Knox 3.7.1 provides support for operational technology teams in industrial sectors. Some of these features come with the Samsung Knox SDK, others with the Samsung Knox Service Plugin.

The Knox 3.7.1 platform is built into the firmware of new Samsung flagship devices, and will be installed on existing devices following the release schedule of mobile service providers.

Barcode Reader Management

Through the Samsung Knox SDK, partners can now develop apps to manage barcode readers that are connected to or integrated with mobile devices. Specifically, apps can remotely and centrally automate the setup, monitoring, diagnostics, and control of barcode readers in distributed locations. You can collect business and operational data for wide-ranging applications in sectors such as manufacturing, inventory, transportation, and retail.

With this new feature, you can do the following:

  • Get info about a connected barcode reader, its connection profile, configuration.

  • Configure a barcode reader’s connection profile or barcode reader.

  • Enable, disable, start, or stop a barcode reader.

  • Get stored barcode data, clear its memory.

For details, see:

Device Key Mapping

The Samsung Knox Service Plugin has enhanced support for our ruggedized XCover devices, letting you fully customize the functions of the following key presses:

  • XCover (Push-To-Talk): short or long press, typically mapped to an app like MS Teams’ Walkie Talkie

  • Top (Emergency): short or long press

  • Side (Power): double press

  • Home (haptic): long press (new)

The latest Knox release includes these new features:

  • App auto-launch: You can configure an app or a component within the app to launch automatically after installation.

  • Profile Owner support: You can now launch an app managed by a Profile Owner in the protected work profile, as well as a Device Owner at the device level.

Machine Learning Model Protection

The Samsung Knox SDK also introduces a Neural Model Encryption feature for customers to easily deploy their AI/ML Models on mobile devices while leveraging Samsung Knox’s defense grade security. This feature ensures that plain ML model is never stored on the device. The processing for an encrypted model is separate to that of an unencrypted model, and this separation provides model isolation.

Along with the encryption of ML files, Knox for Model Protection provides access control over the application packages that can load the encrypted model. For details, see:

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