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Knox Platform for Enterprise 3.2.1 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

December 2018

This section highlights what’s changed in each iteration of the Knox Platform for Enterprise. For a full list of all Knox features across all versions, see our Knox on Android feature page.

UI changes

Mini launcher

The Knox SDK 3.2.1 enhancements apply to devices running Android P. The Knox SDK 3.2.1 release removes the mini launcher functionality of previous Knox Workspace profiles. The Knox Workspace now uses a tabbed UI view to show personal and work apps. This enhancement benefits IT Administrator and end-user level users in the following ways:

  • Reduces the number of IT support calls caused due to user confusion and other issues

  • Improves end-user experience and usability for users in these ways:

    • Lets end-users seamlessly switch between personal and work apps without delay.

    • Shows work apps in a separate tabbed view to provide a visual confirmation that the user is in the Knox Workspace.

Android P Knox Workspace Tabbed UI view

To switch between personal and work apps, users tap the appropriate tab. When an unauthenticated user tries to launch any work app, they are prompted to enter their log-in credentials. Notice the name of the tab is Workspace - this indicates you are in the Knox Workspace instead of the personal side.


Users of devices running the Knox 3.2.1 access Workspace settings directly from the device settings menu on the Personal side. There is no longer a separate “Workspace settings”, as in previous versions of Knox.

Certificate Provisioning

IT Admins managing certificates and keystores no longer require the user to unlock the device before certificates can be installed. This allows admins to silently install a CA certificate into a given keystore.

Keyboard Input Method (IME)

The Keyboard security framework has received a major usability upgrade while maintaining security between the personal and work profiles. Unlike Android Enterprise, Knox Platform for Enterprise allows users to choose their own IME in the personal space without risking the integrity of Workspace data.

For example: a device-user may accidentally download a keyboard containing malicious code and install it on the personal side. With Knox 3.2.1, this keyboard does not operate inside the Workspace.

In previous versions of Knox, IT admins were required to add 3rd party IMEs to an allowlist for added security. Now that personal and Workspace IMEs are kept separate, users are able to use third party keyboards without prior explicit permission from IT admins.

VPN Enhancements

Audit Log

The Knox Generic VPN Framework enables common audit logs for VPN clients and helps non-native VPN clients meet NIAP security requirements.

Performance Improvements

IT Admins can now configure SSL/IPSEC VPN profiles on multiple devices.

This release adds a number of enhancements to VPN, including:

  • Performance optimization to increase the speed of establishing VPN connections for a large number of apps.

  • Synchronization of VPN connection and firewall configuration events. This ensures that VPN connection is established only after firewall has finished preparing for VPN mode.

Features no longer supported upon new Workspace 3.2.1 + creation

  • SPD policy updates can no longer be controlled, scheduled or delayed.

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