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Knox Platform for Enterprise 3.1 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

March 2018

This section highlights what’s changed in each iteration of the Knox Platform for Enterprise. For a full list of all Knox features across all versions, see our Knox on Android feature page.

Knox 3.1 includes the following updates to the Workspace.

App Permission Monitor

Knox 2.9 introduced App Permission Monitor, a feature that provides device users with alerts when apps attempt to access a predefined permission while in background mode. Knox 3.1 extends App Permission Monitor to the Knox container. End users can now receive alerts specific to when apps attempt to access predefined permissions in the Knox Workspace container.

Knox 3.1 includes corresponding management APIs to reflect features that have been released for device users:

  • Enable and disable access to App Permission Monitor — Depending on the enterprise’s policies and the use case for specific solutions, developers may wish to enable or disable access to this feature.

  • Add or Remove specific apps from the App Permission monitor list — Provides developers with the ability to ensure that certain apps are being monitored.

Features no longer supported upon new Workspace 3.1 + creation

  • Data loss prevention inside the Workspace

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