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Knox Platform for Enterprise 3.0 release notes

Last updated February 20th, 2024

January 2018

This section highlights what’s changed in each iteration of the Knox Platform for Enterprise. For a full list of all Knox features across all versions, see our Knox on Android feature page.

SSO, AD Container, Shared devices, and Cloud SDK have been deprecated in the Knox 3.4.1 release. Although the features might still work, they will no longer be tested and will stop working in an upcoming Knox release. We strongly recommend that you use an equivalent feature in Android or stop using the feature altogether.

Knox 3.0 includes the following updates to the Workspace:

New container architecture

We’ve updated the Knox Platform for Enterprise with a new Workspace container architecture to enhance user experience.

  • Knox APIs can now control Android Work profiles.
  • Android Work Profiles can easily be upgraded to Knox Workspace without wiping your device.

For more information on the new container architectures, see App Security.

Features no longer supported upon new Workspace 3.0 + creation

  • Single Sign On (SSO) inside the Workspace
  • Container only mode (COM)

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