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Knox Service Plugin 23.01 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version Release date
1.3.85 January 1st, 2023

Additional parameters for custom side key mapping intent

To better manage custom side key mapping, two additional parameters are now passed with the custom intent, to identify the key press and key release events:

  • KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN (when key is pressed)

  • KeyEvent.ACTION_UP (when key is released)

In the case that the target app is an Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) app, you need to configure the following:

  • Set Use Samsung Intent to False.

  • Enter the same custom intent under Side Key Mapping for specific application, for both Intent for Key press and Intent for Key release.

side key mapping intents

The key press and key release events will be handled based on their implementation in the target app.

License type Supported deployment KPE version required Android version required
Standard Work profile on a company-owned device (WP-C), DO
  • Rugged devices — Knox 3.7.1+
  • Non-rugged devices — Knox 3.8+
Minimum supported OS version is Android 11
Additional notes
  • These policies belong to the Device-wide policies > Device Key Mapping and Work profile policies > Device Key Mapping policy groups.
  • To enable these policies, you need to also enable one of the following:

    • Under Device-wide policies, turn on Enable device policy controls
    • Under Work profile policies, turn on Enable work profile policies

Deprecation of Configure DeX Stabilizer Mode policy

Future use of the Configure DeX Stabilizer Mode policy could result in security issues. Because of the potential issues, this policy is deprecated.

If you still must use this policy, contact Support.

Additional notes
  • Minimum supported OS version is Android 12.
  • This policy belongs to the DeX customization profile policy group.

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