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Disable Wi-Fi sharing through a QR code

Last updated November 15th, 2023



  • Knox Service Plugin
  • Device running Knox 3.8 and higher
  • Fully managed device


With Knox Service Plugin, you can disable the option to share Wi-Fi credentials through a QR code.

How to disable Wi-Fi sharing

To disable Wi-Fi sharing:

  1. On your EMM console, go to the Knox Service Plugin profile.

  2. Modify the following policies:

    Policy Value
    Device-wide policies > Enable device policy controls True
    Device-wide policies > Device customization controls (Premium) > Enable device customization True
  3. Under Device and Settings customization profile (Premium) > Configure values and settings menu, create the following configuration. By default, the first configuration is called Configuration 1:

    Field Value
    Name of the Setting item Wi-Fi > (connected Wi-Fi network name) > Settings > QR code
    Set value for the setting Off
    Allow end-user modification of this setting False
    Configure to hide settings True
  4. Save the profile and push it to the affected devices.

The device user no longer sees the QR code button on the Wi-Fi details screen.

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