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SIM manager screen not updated after policy pushed

Last updated June 18th, 2024



  • Knox Service Plugin 24.06 and higher
  • Dual SIM device


When Knox Service Plugin’s Allow dual SIM operation policy was set to True and the preferred SIM was set to the second secondary SIM card, and then the Allow dual SIM operation policy was switched to False, some device users may encounter an issue with the SIM manager screen not updating properly.

On the device’s SIM manager screen, the Preferred SIMs setting is set to the secondary SIM and can’t be updated.

SIM Manager screen


If the secondary SIM card is set as the preferred SIM, and the policy Allow dual SIM operation is set to False, the preferred SIM options are restricted, and can’t be updated on the device’s SIM manager screen.

The Knox Service Plugin team is aware of the issue, and hopes to include a fix in an upcoming release.


There are several ways in which the device user can resolve this issue:

  • Disable, then enable the primary SIM.
  • Restart the device.

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