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Disable Smart Call on a device

Last updated June 7th, 2024



  • Knox Service Plugin
  • EMMs
  • Galaxy devices


Samsung’s Smart Call feature identifies if an incoming call is potentially a spam number, so that device users can take appropriate action.

However, in certain instances you may be required to disable Smart Call for your device fleet.

How to disable Smart Call on a device

To disable the Smart Call feature:

  1. On your EMM console, go to the Knox Service Plugin configuration.

  2. Modify the following policies under Device-wide policies:

    Policy Value
    Enable device policy controls True
    Application management policies > Enable application management controls True
    Application management policies > Disable Application without user interaction Add
  3. Save the profile and apply the changes to enrolled devices.

After you push the changes, the Smart Call feature is disabled on the enrolled devices.

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