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Block non-mainline firmware updates

Last updated November 14th, 2023



  • Knox Service Plugin version 1.2.74 and higher
  • Samsung device running Android 13 and higher
  • Fully managed device with a work profile


With Knox Service Plugin, users can block access to specific third-party apps available from the Samsung Keyboard toolbar.

The following third-party apps can be blocked:

  • Search
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • AdjustSize
  • ARemoji
  • Bitmoji
  • Expression
  • Mojitok
  • SamsungPass
  • Translation

How to disable access to select third-party apps from the Samsung Keyboard toolbar

To disable access to third-party apps:

  1. On your EMM console, go to the Knox Service Plugin configuration.

  2. Set the following policies:

    Policy Value
    Device-wide policies > Enable device policy controls True
    Device-wide policies > Device customization controls (Premium) > Enable device customization True
    Device and Settings customization profile (Premium) > Samsung keyboard controls > Samsung Keyboard Toolbar Controls True for all apps that require blocking
  3. Save the profile and apply the changes to your devices.

After you push these changes to your devices, device users can no longer access the apps on the Samsung keyboard.

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