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Automatic license assignment release exceptions

Last updated June 12th, 2023



  • Knox Platform for Enterprise
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise: Premium Edition
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise: Standard Edition


If a license has not been validated for 180 days, it will be subject to automatic license assignment release. As of February 2023, automatic license assignment release will not be applied for license types with unlimited assignments.

Automatic license assignment release exceptions

The license types exempted from the automatic license assignment release have unlimited assignments, and don’t need to be released. With licenses that have unlimited assignments, the NUMBER OF SEATS ACTIVATED will include all current active assignments, plus devices that have not been validated for 180 or more days. This number may not reflect the total number of devices in your fleet.

The update may resolve issues affecting licenses with unlimited assignments caused by the automatic license assignment release, including the “Workspace License Expired” error.

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