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Upgrade managed Android devices to Android Device Policy by March 19, 2022

Last updated August 26th, 2022



  • Non-Samsung EMMs
  • Device running Android 6 or higher that supports a work profile


This notice applies to all Knox cloud service customers who aren’t using Knox Manage to enroll and manage devices. If you are encountering this issue while using any other EMM, consult your EMM vendor for assistance.

As of January 19, 2022, Google discontinued the legacy management agent, Google Apps Device Policy, and replaced it with Android Device Policy. You must upgrade and switch to Android Device Policy on your managed Android devices before March 19, 2022, in order to continuing syncing work data.

If you haven’t upgraded to the Android Device Policy client by March 19, 2022, you may experience the following unwanted behavior on devices:

  • Unable to register a new users
  • Unable to sync the status or access data
  • Errors during the enrollment process


For information on how to upgrade your devices to the new management agent, refer to:

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