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KSP Battery Optimization allowlist policy does not appear to be immediately applied to a device

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Service Plugin
  • Android 10 and 11


Applications can be exempted from battery optimization using the KSP Device-wide or Work profile policy:

  • Application management policies > Battery optimization allowlist

The application package name is added to the allowlist but the policy appears to not be immediately applied to the device as the application does not appear in the Apps not optimized list as expected under:

  • Settings > Apps > App name > Battery > Optimize battery usage


Logs indicate that the KSP policy has been successfully applied to the device and that the package has been added to the Apps not optimized list, however, an issue with the Settings UI prevents the list from being immediately updated to reflect this change.


A fix to Settings is expected in a future OS release to address this issue.


Closing and restarting Settings will show the application being included in the Apps not optimized list immediately.

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