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Changes to Device and Settings customization in the Knox Service Plugin are not applied

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Knox Service Plugin (KSP).


When applying changes to a Knox Service Plugin (KSP) policy under Device and Settings customization profile (Premium) > Configure values, you may encounter an issue where the changes are not applied.


If you push a KSP policy change to a device with the Settings app in a running state (either running as the top activity or in recent apps), it remembers the last changed value of a menu item.

For example, the user can configure a setting to OFF even if you previously pushed an ON value for it. Stopping the Settings app afterwards retains the OFF status and the policy change is not applied.


After pushing a policy change, ensure that the user refreshes the Settings app to reflect the update. The timing of the Settings app refresh is different from a menu and device key refresh. As a result, the Samsung Knox team recommends stopping and restarting the Settings app.

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