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How to enable system apps in Work Profile on a Samsung device

Last updated November 30th, 2023



  • Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)
  • Samsung devices with a work profile


This article provides a list of system apps included when creating a work profile, guides you through the steps on how to enable additional system apps, and specifies which UEMs support this feature.

Which system apps are allowed by default in a work profile?

When a work profile is created on a Samsung device, the following system apps are enabled by default:

  • My Files
  • Contacts
  • Google Play Store

These default apps follow the specifications outlined in the Android Enterprise Recommended requirements.

How do I enable additional apps inside a device’s work profile?

Depending on your use case, there are two types of apps you might want to enable in a work profile:

Google Play Store apps

If the app is hosted in the Play Store, you can either push it to the device through your UEM of choice or ask the user to install it manually.

System apps

Android Enterprise provides platform level control to enable or disable system apps. With this control, you can choose to enable system apps for the work profile or the entire device.

The below table contains a list of system apps and their associated package names. We recommend enabling a combination of these apps according to your business needs.

App Name Package Name
Samsung Messages

Samsung Email, Calculator and Browser are not considered system apps, and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Which UEMs allow me to enable additional system apps?

All major UEMs support enabling system apps for your Android Enterprise deployment.

Please contact your UEM for more details.

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