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createApnSettings returns -1 ‘Invalid MVNO type’ error

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox SDK
  • Knox 3.4 (API Level 29)


When creating or updating the APN Settings with the Knox SDK methods ApnSettingsPolicy.createApnSettings or ApnsSettingsPolicy.updateApnSetting, the return value is -1, Invalid MVNO type.

The following error appears in the log file:

ApnSettingsPolicyService: Invalid mvno type!
ApnSettingsPolicy: createApnSettings: -1

The ApnSettings object passed as a parameter to the method also has its mvno_type field set as a string value that is not:

  • empty string


There are two reasons for the invalid MVNO type error:

  1. From Knox API Level 29 (Knox version 3.4/Android P), ApnSettings.mvno_type and ApnSettings.mvno_value are required fields. If the APN does not require a MVNO type and value, you must enter empty strings in the MVNO type and value fields.

  2. Due to a defect, the Knox framework was unable to configure ApnSettings.mvno_type and ApnSettings.mvno_value fields on the device.


For customers to be able to configure or update their APN Settings, ensure the conditions below are met:

  1. On devices running Knox 3.4 and higher, your UEM partner must update their implementation to support the mvno_type and mvno_value fields in the ApnSettings class. For details, please refer to the Knox SDK documentation.

  2. The customer must update the firmware containing the fix that allows the MVNO type and value to be set with the Knox SDK.

The list below shows some common device models and their build numbers, but is not exhaustive. Please contact Samsung Knox Support for the build number of your particular device model.

Device Region Model Number Build number
Galaxy Note10+ Europe SM-N975F N975FXXU1ASHE
Galaxy Note10+ United States SM-N975U N975USQU1ASHB
Galaxy Note10 Europe SM-N970F N970FXXU1ASHE
Galaxy Note10 United States SM-N970U N970USQU1ASH4
Galaxy Note9 Europe SM-N960F N960FXXU3CSI3
Galaxy Note9 United States SM-N960U N960USQU2CSI1
Galaxy S10e Europe SM-G970F G970FXXU3ASIG
Galaxy S10e United States SM-G970U G970USQU2BSIO
Galaxy S10 Europe SM-G973F G973FXXU3ASIG
Galaxy S10 United States SM-G973U G973USQU2BSIO
Galaxy S10+ Europe SM-G975FC G975FXXU3ASIG
Galaxy S10+ United States SM-G975U G975USQU2BSIO
Galaxy S9 Europe SM-G960F G960FXXS7CSI5
Galaxy S9 United States SM-G960U G960USQU6CSI2
Galaxy S9+ Europe SM-G965F G965FXXU7CSK1
Galaxy S9+ United States SM-G965U G965USQU6CSI2

Additional information

If you require further troubleshooting assistance, please raise a support request through the Knox Admin Portal with the following details:

  • A device dumpstate captured after the APN is created

  • A list of all the APNs and the value of each APN field (obtained by inserting the SIM card into a device and listing the values from the device’s Settings app)

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